Goodbye Ms Tuohy

Goodbye Ms Tuohy

Today on the 27th of June we sadly said goodbye to one of our kindest teachers, Ms Tuohy. She announced that she will not return to Kiltiernan N.S. for the next school year. We were all sad that she would be leaving us but we all knew that we would make Ms Tuohy’s last teaching day’s happy ones. We made her a card. The theme for the card was gardens. We used markers, glitter, flowers and hearts. The card looked amazing. Everyone thought the pupils who helped with the card did a brilliant job.


We had an assembly as well. We presented the cards to Ms Tuohy there. She loved them! On behalf of the staff from Kiltiernan, Ms Tuohy was also presented with a gift.I think Ms Tuohy had a lovely time with us because we had a great time with here. Everyone here wishes that Ms Tuohy will have a great time at the new school that she is going to. We hope we will keep in touch and stay friends forever.




By Erin and Orlaith

2nd Class

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