Graduation 2018

On Thursday the 21st of June, 2018’s sixth-class graduated from our school. We put a lot into the preparation, like choir practice, making memory sheets, and practicing our readings. Each child was given a job that- however small and would contribute greatly to the ceremony, including the opening precession, singing solos, and readings.

We started off with the opening precession, which had eight of the sixth-class students bring up items that acted as symbols of our experiences over the years in Kiltiernan N.S.

Then we read out the Liturgy of the Word. Following that we had the Gospel, the Blessing of the Young People,  a parent’s Reflection, a  Blessing of the Parents and Guardians, the Statement of young People, and finally the Prayers of the Faithful.

We followed  this  with the presentation of the Certificates of Attendance and the performance of two songs from the incredibly inspiring musical ‘The Greatest Showman’

Before the ceremony we were told to write letters of thanks to our parents and vice versa. We exchanged them and read them later. Subsequently we were given prayer rocks by Elaine Cunningham.

Afterwards our principal, Miss Leech, gave her address, We received had our special Kiltiernan blessing and we finished with our symbolic balloon release on a beautiful summers’ evening.


By: Erin, Adam, and Grace