Green school blog June 2017

Green schools blog 2017

In early May we picked the green school slogan on Biodiversity to represent our school. Our winner was Erin (3rd class) with the slogan ‘Big and small we need them all’. The runners up were Clodagh and Aiden

Not so long ago we had a visit from Mary Dillon who came to do a biodiversity workshop with us and 5th & 6th

We made a bug hotel to increase the amount of wild life/insect activity in our school grounds.  Mary told us about all the different animals that are becoming extinct in our locality-the curlew and bees and various wild flowers. Next we listened to the different noises of the birds we really did enjoy the experience.

Our school got a composter bin so the committee had to go around to all the rooms and explain to them what goes in the brown bin. Also we got pictures and demonstrated to the other pupils and stated what the pictures represented. We reminded them of the different ways of saving energy both at home and at school.


by Melanie