Mairead McGuinness

On the 9th of May Mairead McGuinness visited our school as part of our celebrations for Europe day. We have been working on the blue star programme for a couple of months now, completing PowerPoints on EU countries and artists, learning about the history and countries of the EU and even making a dish from an EU country. We showed her our work from the blue star programme
It started when we all wrote a letter of invitation to Mairead McGuinness. The teachers told us that they were going to pick the best one to send to her, Ross’s letter won. She accepted our invitation a few days later and told us that she was going to visit on the 9th of May.
When she visited our school, we welcomed her with some music and the junior room waved flags of the 28 countries of the EU. We then brought her to our classrooms to show some of the foods we made.
The Middle and Senior room gathered into the hall to play ‘Ode to joy’, which is the national anthem of the European Union. Mairead McGuinness said a few words. We then did the ‘Spread a handshake for Europe’ which is a national handshake to symbolise the unity of the 28 countries in the European Union.
After a long day of preparing, Mairead McGuinness said that the president of the EU Antonio Tajani said to tell us that we have no homework! We were delighted-needless to say!
By Emma 5th Class