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January Posts

January posts

In the Middle Room, we have been very busy. We had a student teacher called Meave Quinn working with us from January 7th-20th of January. She taught two subjects each day, after observing our teacher for 2 days. We learned all about Time, body percussion, an Aimsir and making weather forecasts in Geography. Her supervisor loved her Geography lesson so much that she came back and filmed us! It was great fun and we wish Ms. Quinn good luck in the rest of her course.

We also had a special visit from Sarah and Nicole, who have moved from our school to Australia two years ago. It was wonderful to hear about their new life, their school and all the fun sports they can do in the sun over there. They enjoyed meeting their friends and spent a day in our classrooms catching up. We will stay in contact with them by e-mail and Skype.

We have started our Write-A-Book project. We have thought of ideas, presented a plan and signed contracts with our editor (Ms. Fenlon). We are working to a deadline…first draft finished by February break! We are writing books about everything from Dinosaurs, to buildings in Galway, to Time travel and our trips to London. We can’t wait to be published authors!

We read a novel called ‘A Calf Called Valentine’ by Berlie Doherty. It was about a little girl called Anna who comes to live on her grandparents’ farm when her Mum is injured in a train crash. She is very lonely until she makes friends with a new-born Charolais calf called Valentine. We had fun with Reader’s Theatre, making pastel pictures, a review, diaries and letters from the characters.

Our Second Class are continuing preparation for their Holy Communion with a special Mass which was celebrated on Sunday 26th January…E mma, Grace, Diarmuid and Patrick played special roles in this Mass. We look forward to our next mass in February…

We are working very hard in First Class this month. We are learning about Money and change in Maths, Clothes from the Olden Times and different countries in History and Geography, and all this while planning, writing and editing our Write-a-Book projects. Sadhbh and Tara are writing about dogs, Eimear about different animals, Katie is writing about cartoon characters, Clodagh is telling a story of her day at the beach and Erin, about her life in America. We will have them ready next month for your entertainment. Thanks for all your help with them, we’re very proud to be published authors.