Middle Room Blog Term 2 & 3

Middle Room Blog Term 2 January Term 2 opened with a bang with our yearly Write a Book project. Every child in school developed their ideas, wrote and published a book and we are very proud of the end results. It’s great too swap with other schools and see the interests and learn facts from […]

Halloween Dress Up 2018

Halloween Dress Up 2018

The pupils of Kiltiernan gathered in the halla for an assembly in October and the principal told everyone that there would be a Halloween dress up competition on the last day of school before the holidays! 

Sadhbh, Katie, Gabriel and Róise were some of the winners. My favourite costumes were the bookworm, the Rubik’s cube (Eimear), the fairy pirate (Róise) and last but definitely not least, ‘it’s raining cats and dogs’ (Erin, 5th Class). Every year the children dress up in their costume feeling proud on stage with their class and as a pupil, I can safely say this is the highlight of our Halloween.

Our Christmas Fair

Our Christmas Fair

Our Christmas Fair was held on the 9th of December 2018. There were lots of preparations for the fair weeks beforehand. Before the fair officially opened, our choir walked down to the church and we sang a few carols to encourage everyone at Mass to follow us back to the hall. The fair had many stalls including baking, slime and books and there was an area where you could do some art with the help of Orla, who had been coming to after-school for a few weeks to give art lessons. The fair also contained a kids area where you could make a donation and get your face painted, you could get your nails painted and there was also a sweet shop. There was also a Christmas fair raffle which took place by the stage of the hall. There were also guessing games such as how many sweets are in the jar. Overall, the Christmas Fair did extremely well this year. We raised a total of €11,887 for our school. Our raffle netted €5,295 and our Christmas Fair on the day netted €6,592. The Christmas Fair was a great success and it was lots of fun to help out with the 6th Class Baking Stall.

By Eimear, 6th Class

Active School

Kiltiernan NS recognises the importance of keeping fit and being fit for both physical and mental wellbeing. In conjunction with the 3 local schools, we are engaged in a programme during school hours that has been designed by Aoife Lynskey, a PE Teacher from Gort Community School. Last year Gort CS were presented with the prestigious award of Ireland’s Fittest School, and we are excited to be working with Aoife to promote an active and fun programme for our students. Aoife recently conducted beep tests for students from 3rd-6th classes, and each child is aiming to beat their original results over the next 4 weeks – so keep moving everyone!

Middle Room Blog First Term 2018

Middle Room Blog First Term 2018

We are back to school with a bang and ready for action in 2018-2019. In September, along with all our usual hard work at school, we had time to go on tours away from school.

First Class went with Infants and Ms. Forde to see the beautiful play put on during the Babaro Children’s Festival. The play was titled ‘How to Catch a Star’ and we all really enjoyed the day out. 

On the 26th of September, 2nd to 6th classes had a fantastic time on a local history tour with Tom O Doherty. We got the bus to the Mausoleum in Cregclare and learned about the history of the people buried there. From there, we drove to the Round Tower in Kilmacduagh and learned many interesting facts about why the tower was built and the tactics the monks used to stay safe in dangerous times. We took some cool photos and they are on the website so you can join in on the fun!  Later, we popped into Coole Park where we heard about the Autograph Tree and saw the headstones for Lady Gregory’s little dogs. It was a very educational and fun day.

In September, the school hosted a coffee morning as a fundraiser for the Galway Hospice. The girls in the senior room had a stall for hot chocolate and treats, yum! It’s great that we can eat treats and raise money for a great cause.

In October, Ms. Fenlon and Ms. Leech are teaching us a programme to develop our wellbeing. Fun Friends and Friends for Life help us all express our feelings and learn ways to cope with worries.

We had the opportunity to play and experiment with Beebots for Maths Week thanks to Ms. Forde who got them for us to trial.

We continued our football, hurling and camogie training and we had great success with the Mini 7s Competition in Camogie. The girls won the initial group stages and we made it to the final in a wet and windy Annaghdown pitch. We were beaten by a great team but had nice treats on the way to celebrate our efforts.

Of course, the usual dress up for Halloween was on the day of the holidays and everyone got a bualadh bos for great effort in their outfits.

We had a very enjoyable Friendship Week where we buddied up with students from another class, did Art and reading together and had great chats about what it means to be a good friend.

We joined in with the Senior Room to do lots of work for Science Week. We worked in groups to do experiments on Heat and Light and also in October, we were able to watch presentations by the Senior Room on new business ideas that they wanted to put to ‘Dragons’ to see if they would invest.

In December, we held the Christmas Fair where we sold slime, sweets and everything in between! The Parents’ Council did a wonderful job in organising and preparing for the Fair and raised lots of money for our great school.  

After that excitement was done, we spent a lot of time preparing Christmas Carols and songs with Ms. Fenlon for our annual visit to the local nursing homes. We love going to the nursing homes and singing for the elderly people who live there.

We’ve had a great first term and are looking forward to term 2. Happy Christmas everyone, see you all in 2019!!!



1916 Gardening

This year the pupils from 2nd to 6th were weeding and watering the garden. We all split up into groups and covered a patch in the garden.  We all had different tools to use for the weeding such as: trowels, hedge clippers and mini pitchforks. Some groups would take the weeds out of the groves on the path. We also found some wildlife like worms and frogs. We were not just working in the centenary garden but all over the school grounds. We were also sweeping leaves of the tarmac and were happy to be doing it for the school. It looked good afterwards and Miss Leech was very happy with our work for the Graduation.





Sports day and ice Cream day 2018

On Friday, 22/6/2018 sports day and ice-cream day was held in Kiltiernan N.S. We were instructed to bring in a sack, spoon and potato, tights and hurls if you wanted to participate in púc fáda. All  children from Sunflower Montessori to 6th class pupils in Kiltiernan  participated in a eventful sports day.

We started off the day with a eager 60m sprints from the junior infants to sixth class. As soon as Ms.Leech blew the whistle we saw the hopeful looks on all girls and boys faces as they sprinted for the finish line! After that we had some fun races including sackrace , egg and spoon race (but yet we used potatoes) , three legged races, wheel barrow races and also piggy back races.

After a few races we had a little break and we were told that you could get our two euro for the fundraiser for down syndrome Ireland, so when we got our two euro we all went to get ice-cream in the hall . It was a really nice award from all those races we ran and we raised one hundred and 85 euro for Down Syndrome Ireland!

Without delay the break flew by and we were back in action. Tug of war took place then and lots of students took part. We started with the lower classes and reached are way up to the older classes as the rivalry grew. Shortly afterwards we stared up relay races. All ages could take part. We had an over dose of fun. Suddenly it was 2:00pm and children started to go home early. There was only an hour left of school and 10 pupils left. We began a round of Púc Fada. After Púc Fada we played hurling and lots of soccer.

Unfortunately Sports day had to come to an end and we went home wondering would are school tour be as exciting as today sports day!


School Tour 2018

On Monday 25th we went on our school tour. Juniors to 1st went to Loughwell farm and 2nd to 6th went to AIT in Athlone for a lets go camp. When we arrived at AIT we were split into groups. The Middle and Senior room were split into two groups. The Senior room was called group 9 and the Middle room was called group 8. The senior room then went on the KMX’s and the Spider tower.  After those fun activities we had a small break.

Soon we went to the hall and we ran some relay races. After we did races on a bouncy castle slide. Later went outside onto the astro turf and played a game of lacrosse. Next we had our lunch and a talent show.

Up next was loads of fun going down a slide in a zorbie. We each had two goes. Two people were in a zorbie at one time. Shortly afterwards we went back into the main hall and went on the inflatable wrecking ball. We had our goes in fours on the wrecking ball. Next we went on a bouncy castle mountain.

Following that we went back on the astro turf and played a game of rip tag. We had to put a Velcro tag on our arm and we had to try and rip it off the other people. Sadly after our time was up and we had to leave l but we still had to go Shopping! We headed to the Golden Island shopping centre. We were split into groups and we had 35 minutes to go around the shopping centre and spend our hard earned cash. After shopping we headed home happy and content.

It was a great day and we had so much fun!

By Erin and Clodagh

Third Class Booklist 2018-2019

Third Class Booklist 2018-2019

Irish: Fócloir Nua: An Gúm



Master your Maths 3

Fallon’s Table Book


English: My Spelling Workbook D (New Edition)

New Wave Handwriting 2nd Class

Oxford School Dictionary: Edco

1 Hardback A4 Copy for Spelling Tests & Rules/ Grammar

New Treasury 3rd Class

Music: Tinwhistle D, Display Book 100 pages


Religion: Grow in Love 4 Second Class


SESE: Philips New Irish Primary Atlas


Visual Art: A3 Plastic Folder: Button closing


Book Rental Scheme: Provided by School

English Dragons, Jungles and Dinosaurs 3, Literacy Leap 3
SESE Unlocking SESE 2
SPHE €10 for ‘Friends For Life’
Maths Planet Maths 3
Gaeilge Abair Liom D, Am Don Leamh 3


Copies and Stationery

  • 2 x 88 page Maths Copies
  • 5 x 120 page ruled copies for Gaeilge, English, Litriú, SESE/SPHE, Religion
  • 2 x Display Books (100 pockets, A4 size) One for Music and the other for general worksheets/hand-outs/prints/published work by the children
  • Well-stocked pencil case: Pencils (triangular pencil for 1st Class only, Faber Castell: Grip 2001 or similar), eraser, pencil sharpener, red pen, ruler, set of colours (Twistables/ crayons/ colouring pencils, not markers). Please label everything!
  • USB Key

Monies Payable in September 2018

Class Personal Accident Insurance Book Rental Visual Art Miscellaneous Exp. Total
3rd €7 €43



€10 €20: Testing materials, supplementary reading resources, photocopying, SALF folder, Friends For Life €80




Uniforms can be purchased in Pat Smyth’s, Gort and in The National School Wear Centre on the Tuam Road, Galway. Polo shirts and trousers without logos can be bought on the High Street.

Books from this booklist can be bought from Gort Educational World, Bridge St., Gort, from Books ‘n More in the Oran Town Centre in Oranmore and ABC Bookshop on the Tuam Rd./ Eyre Sq. Centre in Galway.

Fundraising by the Parents’ Council will continue through the Weekly Raffle every Thursday. Thanks to every family who contributed last year, especially those who contributed.




Quiz Winners

Congratulations to our U13 and U11 quiz teams who both placed 2nd at the Meadowcourt Quiz recently. 72 teams participated so we are very proud of our teams on their superb achievements. All the hard work paid off!

Then it was off to Gort where our U13s proved victorious in a hard fought battle for first place in the Credit Union Quiz, which ended in a tie-break! We held our nerve and were very excited, and relieved, to be announced winners. Our U11 team came a very respectable 3rd place. Now it’s back to work for the next round of the quiz, in Galway, in March.