Mark’s Birthday


On the 7th of October, we were all happy to wake up to a warm, sunny day to celebrate our good friend Mark’s Birthday. It was a special day and we wanted to let Mark know that we were thinking about him. We got a big yellow obstacle course bouncy castle, which had a huge slide at the end, and loads of places to climb. Our classrooms were let out one by one on to the bouncy castle until 1 o’clock, when the party started. Hannah, Meadbh, Tara and I were on face painting duty. We made a poster and put it on a tree near our workshop at the back of the yard. We weren’t getting too many customers, so we moved to the basketball court. Then our business took off and we painted the faces of almost all the people in the whole school, even Ms Fenlon! Meanwhile, the adults were stuffing their faces in the Halla before the kids found out about the tea, coffee and goodies that were in there. We found out after a while, and although the adults tried to keep us out, most of us managed to sneak in and take some brownies, cupcakes and biscuits. We also got goodie bags with crisps and sweets that were kindly given to us by the parents’ council. I think it was a really nice, happy way to celebrate Mark, and I think he would have loved to be there.

By Ava