Pantomime 2017

Pantomime preparation

We are all working very hard on our school pantomimes. The middle room are performing ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and the senior room are presenting ‘Alas in Blunderland. The senior room first got underway by reading the script of course. Then we read and read until we got very familiar with the script and the lines. Shortly afterwards we were on to auditions which was very exciting. On Thursday morning we got our roles. I am Brutal the ugly sister and Ross is the other ugly sister Obnoxious. Emma got Cinders. She is excellent. Also Melanie got to be Cinderella, which she is very good at. David got Buttons and Toby became the fairy godmother. He has to put on an American accent. He is very funny. We are now in rehearsals and working very hard. The panto night is on the 7th of April. I am very excited for the big night. We also have our dress rehearsals on the 5th of April. Our costumes are gorgeous. The ugly sister’s costumes are so amusing and horrid. I can’t wait for the big night!

By Adam 5th class