School Tour

School Tour 


Yesterday on the 23rd of June we went on our school tour to UL Activity Centre in Killaloe, County Clare/Tipperary. The journey was long but worth it. When we arrived we were so excited!

We got our own marquee to change, eat and store our supplies.

We brought our

  • Lunch
  • Togs
  • And a change of clothes for after the wet activities

First we had a little snack and then it was off to the High Ropes

We climbed really high!

Next it was Archery and an Adventure Trail

Adventure Trail: The Adventure Trail was more of a ‘trust walk’. We had to balance on a small wire from one tree to another tree. Our friends stood by us on the side to catch us if they fall

Archery: The archery game was so fun. We had 2 shots at the target board which was small but surprisingly easy to hit. It was so fun!


Mmmm Lunch!

Lunch was next we had our big lunch now but now to big because after it was water activities!

The water activities were

  • Canoeing
  • Kayaking
  • Sailing
  • Paddle boarding
  • Pier Jumping

They were so fun!

Our highlights were;

Eimear: My favourite activities were Canoeing, Kayaking, Paddle boarding

Paul: My favourite part was the High Ropes and I climbed so high!

Seán: My favourite part was Pier Jumping and Kayaking

On the way back we stopped at Apple Green. We got to go to Burger King and Subway. We bought tons of sweets too! There was an indoor playground and it was so fun and cool! We all felt 5 again!

Then it was another hour home on the bus but it was all worth it for our best tour ever!




by Seán, Eimear and Paul