Trip to Cathedral

On Thursday the 27th of April 6th class from Kiltiernan, Labane and Ballyglass went to the Galway Cathedral.

When we arrived at the Cathedral, we walked around the Cathedral and Father Roche told us facts about the outside of the Cathedral. When we all entered the cathedral we meet Father Whelan. Father Roche took one class with him to the pipe organ and Father Whelan took our class and another class around the inside of Cathedral. He explained that all the lime stone was donated to the Cathedral when it was being built. It was used for the floor and the altar.

After a while we went up to the pipe organ. There were a lot of pipes. The pipes where made out of metal and timber. Some pipes were small and some were huge. We met the man who played the pipe organ. He explained how the pipe organ worked. The keyboard looks very confusing because there were alot of keys, loads of knobs that you pull and loads of foot pedals. After that we went upstairs where Father Roche showed us portraits all the old bishops of Galway and explained about them.

Later we went down stairs to the crypt and Father Whelan explained it is where the bishops are buried. After that we left the Cathedral and went to Supermacs for lunch.

I would like to thank Father Roche and Father Whelan for explaining about the Cathedral and organising this event. I learned a lot about the Cathedral.

Seán 6th class