Confirmation 2017


We’d been practicing for months before the big day. We’d attended ‘You shall be my Witness’ meetings. We’d been allocated special jobs and practiced hymns. We even visited the Cathedral back in March. So we were very prepared when the day came. We made the sacrament with the 6th class pupils from Labane and Ballyglass.

After we had been all groomed and polished we headed to the church around 11 o’clock. We all looked very smart indeed! Father Roche and Canon McLoughlin conducted the mass.

We recited the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit. There was the laying on of hands. Next we played a tune on our instruments. We then received Communion and finally we were confirmed with the oil of chrism. We were called up in groups of four and our sponsors and parents stood with us at the altar.

Later the parents came up to get photos… well at least tried to get a couple of good ones!

It was a great day and everyone really enjoyed themselves.

By Ross, 6th class