World Cup 2018

Projects: Edel, Eimear and Grace

The World Cup is a sporting event that is held every four years. 32 football teams from all over the world represent their country in a football tournament. They are divided into groups of four and every team plays the other teams in their group and the top two teams qualify to the next stage.

To celebrate this event the middle and the senior rooms drew out a country and did a project based on that country. The project had to include: Capital, Currency, Map, Language, Population, Tourist attractions, Food, Culture, physical Features, World Cup History and players to watch. For example Edel got Morocco, Eimear got Portugal and Grace got Nigeria.

Our Dream Team for World Cup 2018 is as follows:




  1. Alves Pepe Ramos                                  Piqué




Coutinho                                                     Iniesta                                                        Neymar



Messi                                                                                                Ronaldo