Friendship Week June 15th – 21st

Friendship Week June 15th – 21st

I thought it would be hard to work with two girls and I’m not saying it was easy but this is what we finally did…

For Friendship Week I was partnered with Erin Conolly and Clodagh. We had to begin our teamwork by agreeing on a team name and a project. We called ourselves “Unicorn Ryders” because we all love unicorns and riding. We drew a big unicorn with us riding it. It was called Fluff-Puff. We all helped to get the drawing done. We also built a paper airplane with the whole of the Senior Room and Middle Room signed it.

The unicorn was hard and took a lot of effort. The airplane was quick to make but was hard to find everyone and make sure they all signed. At the end of the week we had an exhibition of all our work. Everyone, including all our teachers saw it. We had to explain how we thought of our ideas, the skills of co-operation, communication, compromise and creativity. The most difficult skill for us if we had to pick one was co-operation but we were very happy as a group and we think we did a great job.

We loved Friendship Week and were sad that it is over. Thank you for coming to see our work!

By Diarmuid Callanan and Clodagh Creedon