Winter in the Junior Room

Winter in the Junior Room

Welcome back after a Spooktastic Halloween. It was great to see everyone dressed up on the Friday of the holidays and we think there may have been a few strange looks in the car park from the cars passing by. Hope we didn’t scare them too much!

November brings big seasonal change and we have learned all about hibernation and change in trees for SESE this month. It is Anti-Bullying month in school on the 14th-18th of November and we will be practicing to be as good a friend as we can be.

In Maths, we are learning about 2D and 3D shapes so we can point some of these out in the supermarket the next time we shop.

We are working on Construction in Art, and made a Loon Duck as a collage next week. We will be using lots of different textures and materials to construct in Art for the month. In Gaeilge, we are learning about weather so ask whether the la is te, fuar, fliuch or tirim and we’ll let you know!

December will be busy with the Christmas Fare on Sunday the 13th, Carol service in Labane Church on the 16th at 7pm so we will be ready for the holidays by then.

We are of course aware of the fact that Christmas is around the corner and are trying our best to be as good as gold both at home and at school, because we know Santa’s robins are always outside the window ready to report back!

Happy birthday this season to December Dynamos Alex, Gabriel and Corey, and January Jewels Liam, Sarah and Emma.