Friendship Week

Friendship Week

Friendship week was the 15th of June to the 21st of June.

In the Middle Room we did a Friendship Week project. We all agreed that our name would be the circle of Friends and our topic would be something in art. The next day we all came in with all the things we needed;

Sadhbh brought in her toys so that we could put them on the project board. Emma brought in a project board to put all our work on.

Adam brought in his rosary beads and a little holy cross.

Then we made a big circle and coloured it in with pastels with all our favourite places, artwork and drawings. Then we wrote a poem! The next day we typed up our poem and Emma brought in a treehouse that we had made into a friendship treehouse and we made an extension to it.

Sadhbh brought in a school that was made of paper, cereal box and tissue paper which we called the Friendship N.S. The next day we invited the Junior and Senior Rooms to the halla to see our projects, We talked about all the things we did to make our project come together.

We co-operated by asking what each other’s ideas were.

We communicated by talking about what we all could have in the project.

We compromised by making sure that everyone had a part of the project and we all agreed on every decision.

We were creative by mixing each other’s ideas together and in writing poetry and drawing.

by Emma, Adam and Sadhbh