Report on Being a Play Monitor

Report on Being a Play Monitor

Middle Room

On Wednesday 2nd Class pupils Liam and Andrew were play monitors. A play monitor is available to help Junior and Senior Infants play, make friends and never feel left out or lonely. Our teacher gave us some training and a book to make up new games…


Well the first game Andrew and Liam played with the Infants was Poison and Catch. The Juniors who played were Eoghan, Marlon, Matthew and Emily. The second game we played was ‘What Time Is It Mister Wolf?’ Liam was on. Then we all played Hide And Seek. Andrew was on! The first person he found was Eoghan, then Liam. Then we played Stuck in the Mud. Liam was on! The first   child Liam caught was Marlon, then Matthew was on. Then we played Poison. In Poison the chaser holds out his hands, each player holds a finger. The chaser says I went to the shop and I bought a bottle of …(Say anything sold in a bottle e.g. lemonade,cola,orange,juice,vinegar) and if the catcher says “Poison!”  all the players run. If the chaser catches that player is ‘it’. The next game we played was Frog In The Middle. In Frog In The Middle one player is the frog. The frog sits on the floor he can’t stand up. The players stand in a circle around the frog. They touch him and probe him. They shout “Frog In The Middle you can’t catch me!” The frog tries to touch someone. If he touches someone they are the frog. The game goes on.


We enjoyed being play monitors because we had fun with the Juniors. We felt confident being asked to be in charge and it made us feel important. The Juniors felt cheerful and excited playing with older boys. Normally we would play with our friends and we would not play with Juniors. It was nice to get to know them better. We look forward to seeing them in September!


Andrew & Liam, 2nd Class